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Test systems software from SGS – get help with your transportation testing and data needs.

Highway in the dark
We offer a suite of test systems software programs and services to help you with data acquisition, emissions cell control, engine analytics and test event scheduling. We also provide data analytics and Big Data services, ranging from project based data exploration to the creation of custom platforms.

Why choose test systems software from SGS?

We offer transportation testing expertise covering everything from components and engines to full vehicles, and data analytics services informed by real world knowledge of testing and data needs.

Transportation Analytics Services

  • Design of experiments, hypothesis testing, statistical and historical data analysis, classification, machine learning and prediction
  • Leveraging of analytics and models on a Big Data scale
  • Computer-based pipeline solutions with flexible service delivery models that are compatible with your existing information systems
  • Web accessible platforms available on your domain, or hosted on ours

CyFlex® test systems software from SGS

  • A state-of-the-art, real-time, data acquisition and control system environment that is both scalable and modular
  • Can be used for applications ranging from small, simple tests with just a few parameters to very large, complex tests involving hundreds of real time measurements
  • Organized into feature-rich, generic function modules that can be configured to support the needs of the test application
  • Can be reconfigured to perform many types of tests without the need to purchase new software, I/O or programming services
  • Facility management tools improve test cell utilization, resulting in shortened investment payback and reduced product development timelines

Driver’s Aid and Test Event Scheduler (DATES)

  • Sophisticated test sequences that provide enhanced result reporting
  • Driver’s aid control, display and pendent control for vehicle testing
  • Dynamometer interface and control for vehicle testing
  • Dynamometer interface and speed/load/throttle for engine testing
  • Automated throttle control
  • Pre-test conditioning
  • Test sequencing (start, stop, hold, abort, soak, crank)
  • Digital controls, events and real-time displays
  • Data acquisition and run-time database, allowing data export and playback

Emissions Cell Control System (ECCS)

  • Controls all aspects of emissions testing
  • Interacts with DATES software
  • Full feature emissions test cell and multiple bench control for chassis and engine dynamometer testing
  • Extensive data reporting and storage capabilities
  • CFR 1065/1066 compliant bench diagnostics and maintenance functions
  • Scalable data acquisition and customizable real-time data display
  • Automated report generation during test sequence
  • Run-time database allows data export in a variety of formats

Mach Engine Analytics™ post-processing and real time processing from SGS

  • Calculates hundreds of engine performance indicators
  • Provides measurement uncertainty for calculated results
  • Supports well managed enterprise based data flows and analysis methods
  • Software modularity and interfaces allow for integration with your infrastructure, naming conventions and product line
  • Provides standardization and traceability at the enterprise level

TEAM® Analyzer SHED software for evaporative emissions enclosure

  • Allows control of diurnal and custom temperature profiles
  • Supports standard EPA testing, ORVR testing and a variety of THC instruments
  • Extensive data reporting and storage capabilities

Comprehensive test systems software for a wide range of industries

As the world’s leading testing, verification, inspection and certification company, we provide test systems software for customers in a wide range of industries, including the automotive, off-road, heavy truck, aerospace, power sport, marine and military industries.

Our test systems can be connected to test facility networks to provide:

  • Remote monitoring of test cells
  • Status of test cells at a glance
  • Automated and unattended testing
  • Automated data logging, report writing and data post-processing
  • Test facility productivity measurement and tracking
  • Test facility maintenance and calibration scheduling

To discuss your test systems software or data analytics needs, contact us today.