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Improving transparency and traceability in the forestry sector is essential to ensure authenticity throughout your supply chain.

People in station

Wood procurement policies often require timber to be certified through Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) and other certification schemes, and the shortage of certified products is sharply impacting supply chains and therefore compromising profit, sustainability and redevelopment programs. 

Improving traceability with technology

Using technology to trace the movement of timber and monitor financial flow has transformed transparency in the forest sector. Ensuring efficient control on timber movements guarantees the legality of exported or locally distributed timber, and enhanced traceability ensures that the supply chain data is 100% accurate from the forest to the point of export.

Forest management

Illegal logging threatens the sustainable development of the forestry sector. By using technology to enhance forest management, you will be able to trace, track and certify timber as it grows. Our significant presence in the global forestry sector gives us unparalleled insight into how regular auditing, continuous monitoring and independent verification of a company’s wood production can enhance supply chains and sustainability.

Our solutions offer long-term improvement in the management and verification of forest information and contribute to better governance in the forest sector. Find out more about Timber Legality Audits and National Forest Control.