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Start date of marking fuels in the Republic of Serbia was February 1st, 2014. This is the national fuel integrity program, first of this kind in Europe, supported by the Government and supervised by the Ministry of Energy. For the first year of the program SGS Beograd as a service provider has marked over 2,2 billion liters of the fuel at the storage facilities all over the country by adding markers produced by Authentix as a technology provider. Gasoline, euro diesel and gasoil 0.1 distributed to the retail pump stations have been covered by this program. 

The main objectives of the program are to bring benefits to the Government, the energy sector and consumers. At the beginning of July 2014 the Government published that the amount of revenue from excise on fuel marking was € 34 M. Six months results shows that the average growth rate of fuel marked is above 7% monthly, which means that legal trade in fuel increases month by month.  And finally consumers can be sure to protect their vehicles by using marked fuel.  The estimation of excise tax increase is approximately € 80 M by the end of 2014.

The another part of the marking service is sampling and testing of marker fuel at pump stations started on August 1st, 2014., provided by SGS Beograd and supervised by Ministry of Trade. The initial estimation of fuel sold illegally was about 10 percent. After four months of marking this rate decreased to 7 percent and at the end of 2014 achieved to below 1 percent.

In October 2014 the program scope has been extended by adding LPG marking. It is expected that total fuel quantity marked in 2015 will be increased over 30 percent in comparison to 2014.