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SGS site monitoring services include assessing the potential and efficiency of natural attenuation of contaminants in your soil and water. Call us now for more details.

aerial view on coastline road

Eliminating soil and groundwater contamination can mean using a mixture of tried and reliable techniques. One of those used in the final stages of a remediation is the natural attenuation. By using this cheap and natural technique, we can help to assess successful final elimination of contaminants from your site and surroundings.

Natural attenuation is a process that occurs in nature. It refers to the natural transformation of certain contaminants (for example, hydrocarbons or solvents) by chemical degradation. By closely monitoring and testing this process in-situ, we can determine the part it plays in a successful remediation.

To ensure it is working to diminish environmental contamination, regular monitoring is essential. Our monitored natural attenuation service helps you to verify the reduction in contamination.

Using the latest specialist software and modeling techniques, our experts can also interpret the chemical and bio-chemical attenuation reactions. We can simulate the behavior of contaminants by integrating other factors that contribute to attenuation conditions.

If further remediation is needed, you will be in possession of up-to-the-minute data to show exactly where problem areas lie so you can prioritize an appropriate action plan.

Call our experienced team today to find out more about monitoring natural attenuation on your site.