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Increase productivity of your groundwater wells with SGS wells drilling management and geothermy services.

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No matter what industry you are in, you may have a need to extract your process water out of the ground or to put a geothermal heating system installation into the soil. Our accredited teams of hydrogeologists have a wealth of experience in this field, having worked on many cases worldwide. Our wells drilling management services assess your site to maximize water resources and ensure the efficiency of your geothermal system.

Depending on your site characteristics, geothermal pipes, or loops, are installed in soil or submerged in water. Because they operate using a mixture of water and anti-freeze liquid, we assess the impact of potential liquid leakage from a closed geothermal loop on groundwater.  We also optimize the installation of a system using an open loop by assessing the permeability and storage capacity of the soil and by analyzing water quality. By monitoring the well placement, we help to ensure constant pumping rates: the aim is to gain an optimal lifecycle for your geothermal heating system installation.

Our worldwide experience of undertaking field measurements combines with our excellent knowledge of geology to deliver an unsurpassed service. We will assist you at every step: from the initial stages of assessing feasibility, collating and interpreting tendering documentation and drilling work specifications, to fieldwork and follow-up administration.

In all our work we employ a vast range of state-of-the-art equipment to perform drilling, sampling, analyses and modeling. Our final report will include a range of recommendations to suit your situation. Call our team of experienced hydrogeologists now to discuss a plan for your site.

To start maximizing your site resources, call our expert team today.