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Water quality is a highly important and vulnerable part of our environment.

aerial view on coastline road

SGS gathers on-site field information using a variety of services including our monitoring wells installation service. Call our well installation team today.

Local pollution of soil or groundwater can become environment and health problems that reach far beyond the boundaries of your business operations. Major clean-up operations can have financial consequences for your business and have a direct impact on your environmental management reputation.

Our monitoring wells installation service can provide you with essential information about your water. Potential risks can be identified and future contamination prevented.

Our teams provide a range of high-quality drilling services to install piezometer observational wells to measure the quality of groundwater in places where contamination is suspected or likely to occur. Once the monitoring wells are installed, our worldwide network of certified laboratories can undertake sampling and analysis to identify any pollution issues with your site. The monitoring wells can remain in situ and be revisited on a regular basis to continuously monitor your water quality. Using specially adapted devices and software, we can also provide an automated, permanent follow-up of the evolution of your groundwater.

Our regular reports can be used to support water extraction applications and permiting, and to plan purification if needed. With our many years of experience in solving water quality issues on an international scale, you can have confidence that a solution will be found that suits your groundwater situation.

Water is one of your most precious and most sensitive commodities. Call our team today to find out more about maximizing your groundwater potential.