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To help you control the risk of radioactive contamination in the environment or food chain, SGS carries out radioactivity testing on a range of products. Call our accredited laboratories today.

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Measuring the levels of naturally occurring and man-made quantities of radioactivity in the environment is important for human health and the life of ecosystems. By law, radioactivity measurements in foodstuffs and in the environmental must be controlled.

To guarantee that your products will reach your market without delay, you need to know that the levels of radioactivity in your products comply with legal limits. In some cases you may need certification to prove that your products have been tested. Our accredited laboratories can conduct these tests as well as identify solutions for radioactive waste management to control the risk of future contamination.

We analyze a range of products, including:

  • Foodstuffs – cereals, vegetables, dairy products, drinking water, milk and liquid sauces
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemicals
  • Environmental samples – air, soil, sediment, sand, flora and fauna, sea water and freshwater
  • Hospital and industrial effluents and waste water
  • Landfill sites – we check your waste, ensuring it is within the radioactivity limits set for each type of landfill site
  • Eco-system monitoring – we conduct studies on an entire eco-system if it is deemed likely to be contaminated, or for environmental monitoring purposes
  • Nuclear sites – our experts carry out measurements on old nuclear sites with a view to renovating them
  • Organically sourced matrices – if your product is made from natural elements, we can measure its carbon-14 content in order to determine its organic source

Our Multilab ® laboratories use the very latest technology: gamma spectrometry, gas flow proportional counter for alpha and beta measurements and liquid scintillation. Our methods are fast and efficient. They allow us to differentiate between naturally occurring radiation and artificial radionuclides in order to determine any remediation or storage you may need for different types of radiation.

At the end of the process we issue you with a certificate of radioactivity analysis so you can be sure to meet requirements for export of your products. Call our team today to accurately determine radiation levels in your products.