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Leaks from your above and underground storage tanks can mean a direct loss of revenue.

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They can also lead to contamination of soil and water courses, leading to punitive action from environmental authorities and damaging the reputation of your company.

Leak detection services from SGS bring you a quantitative tank leak detection service which removes the need to enter the tank, saving you time and money and minimizing the risk to personnel.

How the SGS-MTC leak detection system works

Developed by Mass Technology Corporation (MTC) and operated under exclusive license throughout Europe by SGS, the system enables the quantification of any leakage by monitoring the mass of liquid in a tank over a period of time. The liquid mass is derived from the head pressure at the bottom of the tank, which is measured using a differential pressure transmitter located outside the tank and monitored by a PLC. The pressure head at the base of the tank is transferred to the transmitter using a nitrogen bubbler system.

Benefits of the SGS-MTC tank leak detection system

Used as part of a risk-based maintenance program, this third-party evaluated system can remove the need for hazardous and costly entry to a tank. The versatility of the SGS-MTC system allows it to benefit many scenarios you may encounter. Examples include identifying leak origins, qualifying the findings of hydrotests and strengthening current storage tank inspection regimes.

Key benefits:

  • Non-intrusive, non-hazardous
  • Minimal tank preparation
  • Minimal tank stabilization time
  • Sensitive system able to detect minute changes in mass of liquid
  • Accuracy unaffected by fluid temperature changes
  • Prompt, conclusive and quantitative results
  • No capital investment by tank owner
  • Suitable for a wide range of liquids and operating conditions

Potential applications:

  • Determine the existence of a suspected leak
  • Comply with or supplement company policies for leak detection programs
  • Supplement alternative inspection plans for API 653
  • Evaluate tank bottom integrity after internal inspections
  • Perform periodic tank bottom assessments in accordance with API 653
  • Classify and prioritise tanks for future repairs
  • Document tank bottom integrity in conjunction with a hydrostatic test for new and repaired tanks prior to putting into service

Why SGS?

At SGS, we are always striving to provide innovative services and solutions for the oil and gas industry. With our extensive industry experience, cutting-edge facilities and technical know-how we offer an unmatchable service to support your logistical operations.
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