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SGS environmental due diligence audits help you to identify potential environmental liabilities prior to purchasing a new property. Our audit reports provide the independent assessment advice you need.

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Before taking over a contaminated site or a property with an industrial history that could include pollution, you will benefit from an environmental due diligence audit. Our environmental assessment will provide an understanding of a site’s contamination issues and will help you to take into account a site’s liabilities when determining its true value. We also examine the potential for legal civil damages that could eventuate, including those involving commercial real estate transactions and we look at options for a clean-up plan if needed.

With our global networks of environmental assessment experts, you can rely on our professional services to support you and your business. Because we are financially independent from production or trading parties, we can provide you with independent and impartial expertise.

Benefit from our unrivalled knowledge of environmental legislation and experience in the fields of environmental auditing, certification, sampling and analysis. We offer innovative solutions to the challenges of site decontamination and we ensure your business plans are treated with the utmost integrity and confidentiality.

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We offer a range of environmental site assessments and studies to support our investigations. Our variety of services can help you demonstrate your organization’s commitment to social and environmental risk management. This includes the Equator Principle’s set of social and environmental responsibility benchmarks for managing the risks in development project finance.

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