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Passenger ships, cargo ships, ferries and container vessels all produce emissions that are increasingly subject to regulatory controls.

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By enlisting SGS environmental services to carry out ship emission services, you can monitor pollutants and meet legal limits. Call our team today to find out more.

Knowing your total ship emissions is essential for ensuring that your vessels meet regulatory requirements to enable entry to controlled waters and ports. Our ship stack emission monitoring services use a variety of systems to sample and trace pollutants in exhausts and stacks. We use robust testing techniques that will cope with the conditions of your fleet – for example withstanding heat, rain, wind and movement. While sampling is carried out on site, analysis occurs both on board and in our accredited laboratories.

One of the benefits of using our ship emission services is that our distributed office network means that tests can be done in the port of departure before ships enter controlled waters.

Designed to reduce global warming, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) convention for the prevention of air pollution from ships (the MARPOL convention Annex VI) sets more stringent global caps on nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide and greenhouse gas emissions from ship exhausts. It also aims to improve environmental quality and human health, particularly for those communities living near ports and coastlines. With new amendments to MARPOL coming into force over the coming months and years, let our expert teams help you keep up to date with the latest developments.

We use equipment and methodologies as set out in the Revised Marpol Annex VI regulations. The frequency of our monitoring and the format of our reports also meet with regulatory requirements and can be used to document your commitment to reducing emissions. They are also proof for regulators and stakeholders that you have met regulatory requirements.

We provide you with a detailed monitoring report including a breakdown of emissions statistics with options for abatement and controls. We can help you design a process for reducing emissions, including any engine modification needed, that is cost-effective and sustainable for your business.

Reducing your emissions is a clear signal to your business partners and shareholders of your commitment to a clean environmental record. Make regulatory compliance easier by enlisting our ship emission monitoring services. Call us today.