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SGS’s pest inspection services help you to resolve pest problems and make more prudent agronomic decisions at critical times in the growing season.

Agriculture Field

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program identifies disease, weeds, insects and other pests. By detecting potential and/or actual problems in the field, we can help you save money: the earlier an issue is identified, the easier and cheaper it becomes to rectify. In addition, we can assess the cost of control and compare this to the potential reduction in yield, helping you choose the right crop protection product(s).

Our crop pest management programs involve either four or six visits per field. These can be timed to suit your needs, while coinciding with the most critical periods for crop development and the emergence of weeds and insects. We always focus our final appointment on the fertility and chemical options available to you for the following season.

To solve your pest problems, save money and maximize yields, contact SGS now and ask about our integrated pest management programs.