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To verify wool quality and quantity on consignments of tops and sliver, SGS provides buyers with test reports and certificates to International Wool Textile Organization (IWTO) standards.

Industrial wool aligning machine

Test requirements often include:

  • Condition (moisture content)
  • Fiber diameter (diameter of wool)
  • Fiber length
  • Residues (dichloromethane-soluble matter, fatty matter, nonyl phenol ethoxylate (NPEO) detergent residues)
  • Sliver weight/density
  • Sliver composition (blends) 
  • Sliver quality (neps, dark fibers, medullated fibers, vegetable matter)

We can also provide wool measurements on properties such as color, evenness and fiber strength. In addition, we offer specialized testing for conformity assessment on wool tops and polyester-wool blend tops.

While independent testing has been generally uncommon in the industry in the past – primarily because sampling is best undertaken throughout production, demanding extended independent supervision – it is now becoming more common, and is routinely required for specific countries (e.g. Iran).

If you need independent sampling and testing of wool tops and sliver, contact SGS now.